"Incidentally, this record is available in the foyer"

Good evening.

What you are about to see is the exact transcription of the original Monty Python's Life of Brian Motion Picture LP.

So, to answer you obvious question: No, this is not another Life of Brian page.
This is about the record.

Maybe I should let the studio personnel (Graham Chapman and Eric Idle) do the explaining here.

Studio man You see, what we got is a... film...
Link man Yes, I see.
Studio man ...and it doesn't make much sense, er... well, just on a record.
Link man ....
Studio man Well, yes, luckily it's just a sort of nonsense... type comedy group who are doing this...
Link man Oh, I see.
Studio man ...so it doesn't really matter, you know. Kids tend to like this sort of thing.

So. You might as well sit back and enjoy highlights from Monty Python's Life of er... Brian.